Our men’s bowling club currently has 56 financial members.

Membership subs are now due – must be paid by 30 June 2017.                                           Full men’s bowling membership is $88- for the year and can be paid at the bar.

If you are a ‘social’ member and wish to upgrade – just let them know.

2017 Championships

Pennants are over and the Club Championships for 2017 begin.

The Result of the Open Singles – 2017 Open Singles FINAL RESULT                                      The Result of the Open Pairs – 2017 OPEN PAIRS FINAL RESULT                                         The Result of the Open Triples – 2017 TRIPLES FINAL RESULT                                             The Result of the Club Fours – 2017 CLUB FOURS FINAL RESULT

The Result of the Club Mixed Pairs – 2017 MIXED PAIRS FINAL RESULT

The Minor Singles draw – 2017 Minor Singles Draw

And then the Minor Pairs.

2018 Championships

Nominations are open for the Open Pairs – to be played during April as the Champion of Club champions is set to be played 17 June.

Other championships will be played after the Pennant season has finished.


TBDBA Championships

Please check to noticeboard for the closing and playing dates for the upcoming District championships.


Begins on Saturday 28th April 2017

CARLSBERG OPEN 2 BOWL TRIPLES                                                                                                T.B.A.

2016 Championship Results

2016-club-fours-final-result;                                                                                                               2016 OPEN PAIRS FINAL RESULT;                                                                                                     2016 OPEN SINGLES FINAL RESULT;                                                                                                     2016-triples-draw-final-result;                                                                                                                 2016-minor-singles-final-result;                                                                                                                2016 Minor Pairs draw FINAL RESULT;                                                                                                    2016 MIXED PAIRS FINAL RESULT