Club Byron

In researching the history of the Club, no doubt is left in our minds of the
dedication that the pioneers had in establishing a Bowling Club in Byron Bay.
There was nothing in it for them personally except for the prospect of being
able to bowl on a green that they could call their own.

They went to no end of trouble to get established as a Club in their spare time,
what there was of spare times in those times when earning a living was plain hard
yakka for six days a week (a lot more if you happened to be a cow cockie).

After many months of planning the Club was first formed in 1923 with 27
foundation members making up the Club.

At the Foundation Meeting, Mr C.H. Fraser was elected the Chairman of
the meeting and Mr A.M. Williams was elected to the position of Secretary.
Mr H. Roundtree was asked to supervise the construction of the first
green and was appointed the first Greenkeeper. It is not clear if the
land was purchased or donated, however the land that these pioneers
worked on is now the Roy Winter Green. There was only enough
space for a 120 square feet green with a very small Club house
built on the Northeastern corner.

It took three years of dedication and voluntary work
to establish the green and Clubhouse and the
Club was officially opened on the 6th
November 1926.

Working on the front green

Work in progress on what is now the Roy Winter green

Playing bowls on the new front green

Playing bowls on the new green.

To become a ‘member’

New Members Welcome! Application forms available at the bar.


Phone – 02 66856202

Email – info@clubbyron.com.au