Welcome To Club Byron

Established in 1923
(Byron Bay Bowling & Recreational Club Limited)

18 Marvell Street, Byron Bay, Australia

The club is open from 10am until 9pm every day of the week.

On behalf of all the board directors and staff we encourage you take advantage of
the club facilities we have to offer.


New Members Welcome! Application forms available at the bar.


Tuesday and Thursday evenings beginning at 6pm. Meat trays and vouchers for both restaurant and ‘take-aways’. Also a $40 ($50 on Thursday) seafood voucher raffled separately and run by local community groups.

Members Cash Draw

To be eligible to win this you need to be a financial member of the Club and on premise if/when your number is drawn. We allow members 3 minutes in which to claim it.

Congratulations to the members who won $2,750 on Tuesday 21st August.      Congratulations to the three lucky members who won $750, $750 and $1,500 on Thursday 20th December 2018.

Member’s Draw now worth $550 on Tuesday 22nd January 2019.